Planning comments for 155 & 158 Marlborough Road

While we have been unable to discuss this application with the full membership of the society – our next meeting is in February – as chair, I would like to make the following points.

This would appear to be odd. Surely widening a junction comes AFTER or at the same time as the plans for the road infrastructure are agreed to and committed to.

Is this application being put forward in order to allow the Pennyfeathers planning permission to be extended? It would appear that this could be its real purpose. This is unclear from the application. In that case, we go back to the fact that we need a firm commitment from IOWCC for a full infrastructure review and a budget for the complete infrastructure improvement in the south of Ryde prior to, or at the same time, as any widening of the junction.

A joined up approach to placemaking by all public bodies, communities and businesses can generate efficiencies and ensure good outcomes from policies and decisions. This is another example, it would appear, of a piecemeal approach.

It might be that such a review would provide information on proposed lessening of the number of vehicles on the Island in the light of climate change, for example. New developments of this size should be providing public transport and considering pollution, rather than just adding more of the same.

Considering the biosphere and the aspirations of the Island to lead the way in 21st century traffic management this proposal is based on an assumption of continued traffic increase that has no basis in evidence.