1. I attended the meeting with my partner and felt that although many points were raised we didn’t actually achieve a lot.
    Some ideas that we thought of were:
    * It might need someone with experience of this kind of battle with councils to come on board.

    * We need a definite focus e.g. the ice rink, then form teams who can plan a campaign around the issue,- press involvement ,leaflet drops , surveys , and other ideas that the teams come up with.

    * Look at somewhere where this has happened before and use their experiences.

    * Join up with other interested parties e.g chamber of commerce residents association.
    Many other ideas could be written but these are a few at the moment.
    Thanks Allan Cox Maureen Forster

  2. Hi, Great to get your feedback!

    Do you have any experience in any of these areas? We need people to head up groups and to do research on specifics just as you suggest. We would love you to come forward with ideas from other places (small Georgian seaside towns like Ryde) – that would be amazing – they could then be sent in to Mr Moody and the team who are planning the Position Statement. Could you let us know if you are willing to do the research and write ups?

    Thank you so much for your input and look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hi Stella my background is one as a Union Representative for Unite the Union.I worked as a full time official at Portsmouth City Council meeting with managers and Heads of Service about members issues.

      I would be willing to help with some research into the issues we face in Ryde e.g. forming teams and developing strategies to combat issues.

      I will do some digging and see if I can find somewhere like Ryde that has faced this type of problem before.Then I will get in touch again.

    1. Wonderful – quite extraordinary in that in my notes for the meeting tonight I had put down the need for a research team – there are also a whole lot of policy documents which may, or may not have been rescinded that we need to put onto the website and, more importantly, that we need to read. There is a parliamentary committee that just began looking into the issues of seaside towns and we have written to them this week. Thank you so much – you will be a great asset – we need information. Let’s try to get a team of two or three around you.

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